Luxury Mod team always welcomes recruiting like-minded people.

One of the key development trends of our company is cooperation. Since we are seriously interested in working on a long term basis, we offer our partners a mutually beneficial cooperation, and we are ready to provide all depending on us conditions. We are sincerely interested in it, and we make every possible effort.

We suggest

• Soft pricing policy, considered individually for each partner. Discussion of the most convenient payment methods, discount system and individual dealers’ prices.
• All the necessary analytical and statistical data.
• The necessary information about the products are in stock and their prices.
• The widest marketing and advertising opportunities.
• Guaranteed service of all devices during and after the warranty period.
• The delivery of our products anywhere in the world.
• Access to our database.
• “iPhone designer”, which is located on your domain and has your company logo.
• You are specified as our dealer in “Contact Us” on the Luxury Mod company website.

Since it is important that you do not only successfully develop the business, but also were interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, we will fully provide you with promotional materials, which are necessary for the promotion of products that you have purchased.

We are glad to cooperate with companies at various levels. All your suggestions for cooperation are carefully considered by us. Preference is given to those companies that even now are able to offer us a permanent market for retail goods and long-term and lasting partnership.

Dealer conditions

We invite for cooperation companies from the regions of Russia and other countries of the world who are willing to represent us and are able to provide a good level of Luxury Mod production sales.

To get the status of the dealer of our company you will need:
• To have a stable financial position;
• To have a well-established distribution network;
• The history of your purchases of our products must be not less than 500 000 rubles;
• You must ensure the promotion of goods Luxury Mod;
• You must strictly respect the existing agreements and dealer conditions with Luxury Mod company since we assign primary importance to the discipline and commitment;
• Support the policy of sales and payment discipline (we recommend retail prices, but the final cost of the goods we do not handle);
• You must have your own website on the Internet to advertise our products;
• To make any necessary changes on the old and new items of products according to updates;
• To ensure maximum presence of our products in shops of the city (region);

If your company fits all of these requirements and you are ready to fulfill all the necessary dealer conditions, at first you need to provide us with such information and documents:
• State Registration Certificate of legal entity;
• Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities;
• Specify the address of the places of sale and the address of your web site;
• Indicate the full name and phone number of your contact person;
• The actual address of your company’s office (it will be specified as a major).

In the tab contacts via the feedback form you send a request with a subject tag of “Dealer”. We consider it, and in a case of affirmative reply your company will receive a notice that it was given the status of “dealer” with further instructions.

Luxury Mod company chooses its partners very carefully and therefore only companies that meet all the requirements above are chosen.

Спасибо, ваша заявка принята.